Aerial photography is my passion, I am bewitched by landscapes and this is my way of exploring the countries I visit and sharing this feeling with others.

I come from Lithuania, a small country in northern Europe, but for the last ten years I have traveled around the world: taking pictures, shooting videos, meeting people and searching for new ways to uncover the magic of the places I have visited.

My first book of aerial images was dedicated to my home country. After Unseen Lithuania became a bestseller at home, I decided to embark on my journey and continue producing books with aerial photos which hadn’t been seen before. It just so happened that the next country I would visit and publish an album about was Belize. After Heavenly Belize also became a very successful book, I had to travel to Belize frequently and on one occasion I bumped into a gentleman whose name is Richard Sutton.

I have to admit that although I had passed through Cancun dozens of times it never occurred to me to publish a book about Mexico. It seemed so big, so very well developed. But Richard Sutton, an American who came to work and live in Cancun in the 1970s, inspired me so much that I changed my mind. His love for the area was patent as he told me about the natural wonders, cultural treasures and impressive resort developments that exist side by side along such a small stretch of Mexican Caribbean shoreline.

I decided to try and create a book of aerial photos showcasing Cancun, the Riviera Maya, the islands along the coast and some beautiful landmarks inland. At the beginning, I was slightly concerned that there might not be sufficient variety in the landscapes and colors I saw to make the project interesting. However, my fears were groundless, the more I flew, the more convinced I became that the book was going to be worthwhile due to the sheer diversity of the scenery I was witnessing. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was truly amazing. I ended up with almost 20,000 pictures and you can imagine that this proved to be quite a headache when it was time to make the final selection for the book!

I hope that this collection of images will inspire you and that you will fall in love with the Mexican Caribbean as I did. After sharing my vision of this incredible corner of the world, I urge you to come here and see it for yourself!