Cozumel welcomes the first rays of the sun to touch Mexican soil. Looking at it from the air, it is easy to appreciate why this beautiful Caribbean island receives 40 flights and 11 cruise ships with 33,000 tourists in one week during high season.

Cozumel measures 48 kilometers from north to south and 14.8 kilometers from east to west, it is the third largest island in Mexico and less than 10 percent of its territory has been developed.

A group of Carib fishermen were the first people to settle on the island in the second century B.C. Two successive waves of Mayan migrants arrived in the third century and the eighth century A.D; the impressive architecture scattered across the land is testimony of their presence. Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortez set foot on the island in 1519 and the modern-day population is 79,000.

The ancient Maya called the island Ah-Cuzamil which means “lugar de golondrinas” in Spanish, the “place of the swallows.” It has just over 3,000 hotel rooms to welcome visitors from all over the world who arrive by ferry or by plane, landing at the international airport.

Most of the adventures Cozumel offers are on the surface or underwater. Island marinas offer fishing, snorkeling, and above all, diving trips.

Wherever you go in the Mexican Caribbean, the crystalline waters are breathtaking but when you take the plunge in Cozumel, visibility is up to 80 meters.

The west coast of the island sees most of the activity. With Playa del Carmen on the horizon, boats seek a sheltered harbor from the wind and the waves of the Caribbean.

The placid appearance of this Cozumel landscape hides the rich biodiversity of the island’s ecosystems.

The east coast of Cozumel is spectacular: long stretches of pristine beach and shoreline untouched by man.

One can spend a day on Cozumel or stay for a month, whatever the case, there’s always something new to do or discover on an island where nature and relaxation are one.

The island welcomes around three million cruise ship passengers every year, many of whom seek their underwater experiences in the ten dive sites near the coast.

With a global vision and supported by Amigos de Sian Ka’an, the state government issued a decree creating the Cozumel Wetlands & Jungle Reserve, more than 19,000 hectares of priority ecosystems protected for posterity for the island and the world..